Press Release – March 10th, 2022

Datolite Solutions Exceeds Growth and Expansion Plans

Datolite Solutions has accomplished in a few years what many software and services companies find challenging: aggressive growth.

Since its inception in 2014, the idea of “Customer First” has always been a driving force behind Datolite. To succeed and grow that kind of culture you need the right individuals to allow the company to prosper. So, after solidifying its position as the global leader in legal billing templates and reporting solutions, it was time to look towards the future.

“We started working on an aggressive growth strategy back in March of 2020. The demand was there, but a key factor for us was attracting like-minded people from the industry who shared our passion for keeping the customer first,” said Datolite Managing Partner, Pat Langlais.

Since then, Datolite has seen its small organization of 13 people increase by 146%. Highlights of its phenomenal growth include:

  • Integration of all key members from Output Solutions Group, the industry leader in Document Studio/Whitehill template services
  • Acquired the Paperless Proforma resources from T4G becoming the exclusive partner to Thomson Reuters for Paperless Proforma services
  • Increased 3E Templates service capacity by 87.5% over the past two years
  • A Top-Tier Aderant Partner allowing the DocuDraft team to grow by 110%
  • Launching an innovation team with dedication and focus on creating new products and solutions exclusively available to Datolite customers
  • A new business intelligence and reporting division
  • Year over year revenue growth from 59% in fiscal 2021 to a projected 31% in 2022
  • Maintaining a 99% customer retention rate

“It’s exciting to be part of such a tremendous growth story, but for us, it’s more than just a business. We’ve maintained our 95% employee retention rate because we understand that you can’t take care of your clients if you don’t care for your staff. In addition, fostering a company culture that mimics the best parts of family continues to drive our employees to succeed,” said Campbell Barrett, Managing Partner.

About Datolite Solutions

Datolite Solutions, trusted advisors to the world’s leading law firms, are experts in template development, document and proforma automation, and business intelligence solutions. The foundation of the Datolite team consists of the core of Kleinmundo, the original developer of the product that became Elite Design Gallery. Founded in 2014, Datolite Solutions is now the world’s largest and most experienced 3E Templates (Design Gallery), Paperless Proforma, DocuDraft and Document Studio (Whitehill) team, and official partners of Thomson Reuters and Aderant.