3E Templates/design gallery Product Enhancements

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Formatting Addin

Datolite formatting add on

3E provides text boxes with the ability to format text. This formatted text does not appear by default on the outputs created by 3E Templates (Design Gallery). With Datolite’s Formatting Addin, this formatted output will now appear if configured to.

Appending Service

datolite appending service

For processes such as month-end proforma generation, in addition to individual proformas that get generated, it can be useful to produce a document that combines all individual proforma files based on selected criteria.

ChromeRiver Connector

datolite chromeriver connector

The Datolite Chrome River Add on integrates with Chrome River to allow you to import Chrome River files into your EDG/3ET solutions. *coming soon 

Data Sanitizer

datolite data sanitizer

When working on IT projects, such as 3E Templates (Design Gallery) development projects, with outside vendors, it can be more efficient for the outside vendor to work with data samples on their local system. Providing samples of live client data may violate the firm’s data security policies. The Datolite Data Sanitizer is a Windows based application that allows you to sanitize sensitive data from any XML file. These files may then be sent to others outside your organization without violating these policies.

Event Explorer

datolite event explorer

Tools, such as 3E Templates (Design Gallery), which log an extensive amount of data to Windows Event Viewer, can be difficult to troubleshoot as they provide too much data to easily see what is happening with a specific process (document being generated) or time period. The Datolite Event Explorer is a Windows based application that allows you to easily parse log messages from the Windows Event Viewer. With an enhanced search and filter functionality, you can find the exact log messages you need without scrolling through thousands of logs one by one in the event log.

File Loader

datolite file loader

The Datolite File Loader addin enables you to load a file from the file system and insert it anywhere in an EDG or 3ET solution. These files can be set to any size to fit the format of your output document. Compatible files include images (PNG, BMP, etc) and PDF documents. Uses of this tool include allowing solutions to load native 3E images without needing Image Connect, and enhancing 3E Template’s (Design Gallery’s) “Subdocument” functionality by allowing images and pdfs to be inserted into the output created by a template.

Test Manager

datolite test manager

The Datolite Test Manager allows you to verify that template changes are working as expected. Templates can have an extensive number of rules about how data is to be displayed. Adding or modifying template rules may have unforeseen consequences. The Datolite Test Manager is a Windows based application that gives you the power to create and execute end-to-end test to validate your EDG or 3ET solutions.

Image Connect

datolite image connect

Datolite Image Connect Add on enhances the functionality of Image Connect, integrating to allow Image Connect files to be imported into the output of your 3E Templates (Design Gallery) solutions. Include images anywhere in your output. Use standard 3E Templates distribution such as saving to a document management system when integrating with Image Connect.

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