Meet Our Team


Datolite Solutions, trusted advisors to the world’s leading law firms, are known as experts in template development tools such as 3E Templates (Design Gallery), Docudraft, and Document Studio (Whitehill). The foundation of the Datolite team is comprised of the core of Kleinmundo, the original developers of the product that became Elite Design Gallery. Founded in 2014, Datolite Solutions is now the world’s largest and most experienced 3E templates (Design Gallery) team,

and, as of April 2017, official services partners with Thomson Elite. 


Datolite now brings 100+ years of legal industry template development experience to the Aderant world,

working with Docudraft and other template tools at various AMLaw 100 firms. 

Managing Directors

Patrick Langlais - Director, Co-Founder


After a decade of developing legal solutions, Patrick identified the need for a cutting edge data transformation product that has the ability to meet the increasingly complex billing and reporting requirements of legal firms. To meet this need, he founded Kleinmundo Solutions and created the product now known as Design Gallery, which was later sold to Thomson Reuters Elite. With this acquisition he joined Thomson Reuters as the Director of Elite's Data Transformation group, leading the combined operations of the former Whitehill and Kleinmundo businesses. Patrick is recognized in the legal industry for his exceptional customer service and innovative solutions. 

Campbell Barrett - Director, Co-Founder


Campbell is known in the legal industry for his outstanding customer service and expertise in developing Design Gallery solutions for Elite 3E, Enterprise software & Docudraft. His career in legal solutions began while working as a consultant for Kleinmundo Solutions, which was later acquired by Thomson Reuters Elite. During Campbell’s time as a consultant, he consistently implemented high-caliber solutions while playing a key role in educating resources on the functionalities and best practices of Design Gallery. Campbell's success is driven by his technical expertise and continued commitment towards producing high-quality results for his clients. Campbell is trained in 3E, holds an educational background in Systems Software Development from the British Columbia Institute of Technology and a Masters of E-Commerce from Griffith University in Queensland, Australia. 

Project Management & CTO

Angy Beatty, Project Manager / Operations Director


Angy is a result driven Project Manager, with 15+ years’ experience in delivering technology solutions and interfacing with senior management within the Legal, Accounting, Telecom, Technology, Healthcare and Corporate training industries. Angy is known for her ability to lead complex projects and to find innovative solutions. She has established outstanding relationships with her clients and with project stakeholders. Angy has a proven history of bringing projects to completion on time, within scope and under or on budget. She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Agile Project Manager. 

Mark Brubacher, CTO


Mark comes to Datolite with over 20 years of experience creating and implementing software solutions and leading teams within the legal and professional services industry. As the CTO at Kleinmundo Solutions Mark designed and developed the first version of Datalenz which was purchased and re-branded as Elite Design Gallery. As the Manager of Software Engineering at Thomson Reuters he created the Solution Manager Development environment and oversaw the successfully integration of Design Gallery into 3E. Throughout his career his innovative thinking and desire to find solutions to business problems led him in developing an integration strategy for encrypted email software and Whitehill’s Paperless Proforma (version 1).  

Marketing & Office Admin

Jen Parker, Marketing & Office Admin


Jen comes to Datolite with over 12 years experience in Marketing & Graphic Design working in advertising & retail industries.

Professional Services Team

Jordan Moore, Senior Consultant, Technical Trainer


In his nearly 5 years in the Legal industry Jordan has worked with over a dozen AmLaw100 firms providing them with solution development and training. Clients of Jordan’s consistently remark about his ability to explain complex technical topics or issues in a calm, clear and easily understood way. All of this allows him to consistently provide high quality customer service. He is a certified TESL instructor who has worked in China. This background combined with his technical prowess helps him be an effective Design Gallery 3 and legacy version 2 trainer. Jordan also brings over 10 years of experience from both the Insurance and Lottery industries to the Datolite Solutions team. 

Pette Chappell, Senior Consultant


Pette has in depth experience of 15+ years in Information Technology relations, and brings to Datolite Solutions valuable knowledge in implementing strategies and solutions to various IT areas. Pette is driven by his vast knowledge of technology, and his passion for learning new things. Coming from a background in the insurance, oil and healthcare industries, Pette’s skills and experience show his ability to adapt to any situation with successful results. He is known for his ability to meet and exceed expectations. He is committed to the mission of Datolite Solutions, “to help legal firms succeed through continuously delivering quality solutions and exceptional service”, and thrives to provide excellent client service throughout his career. 

Justin Terris, Consultant


Justin brings to Datolite 5+ years of technical consulting. He has experience consulting with Federal and Provincial levels in regards to forestry databases as well as providing small businesses software solutions. He has a track record of delivering quality solutions and integrity to meet established standards while managing various projects. Justin brings a collaborative, team-oriented mindset with extensive client service experience and he is committed to the Datolite promise of providing quality technical solutions while building strong relationships. 

Steven Kikkert, Consultant


 Steve is a seasoned information technology professional with over 18+ years’ experience in the industry, most recently as the technical analyst and software deployment specialist in healthcare for the Government of New Brunswick. Responsible for ensuring his customers 18,000 workstations were always operational with the most up-to-date software, Steve is known for his exceptional customer focus, his project management skills and his tenacity in problem solving. An Ironman triathlete, Steve will not quit, whether in a race or in meeting his customers’ needs. Steve looks forward to bringing his passion for information technology and his experience to the legal industry.