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Who We Are

Datolite is a Canadian-owned company driven by a simple purpose: to empower our clients with intelligent data solutions. Datolite focuses on being the best in one area: data transformation solutions for law firm back office management and business intelligence. Datolite adds value to a firm by bringing data to life via Power BI Dashboards, helping expedite the bill to cash lifecycle via Rocket Proforma, and we beautifully design, develop and maintain templates.

Our clients include many of the world’s largest law firms, and we are service partners of Elite and Aderant.

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Our History

Our core team started their careers at Kleinmundo, Whitehill, DW Reporting, and Elite, gaining experience as some of the original developers of Design Gallery, Paperless Proforma, and Whitehill Document Studio and as the original consultants for those products.

A few mergers and acquisitions later, our founders identified a service gap and struck out on their own in 2014 to provide support and delivery services for 3E Templates (Design Gallery), adding services for Paperless Proforma and Business Intelligence along the way.

We are focused on providing the best services in a set of selective products and have built our reputation as the go-to team for templates, paperless billing reviews, and business intelligence services.

Our Culture

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Our Culture

At Datolite, people matter: our clients, our co-workers, and our communities.

We are client-centered, providing the best possible customer service and solutions, with a focus on quality. We’re proud of our work and are driven to provide top-level service.

We are a people-focused organization that values work life balance. We offer remote work options and general flexibility. We like to work hard, but we also play hard with amazing group events: our summer BBQ, golf day, holiday party and of course, our annual Caribbean planning meeting. The Datolite corporate cocktail, the Datotini, is famous in the legal industry.

We also give back to the community through charity events and a service awards program that financially supports employees to travel and make environmental purchases. All with the goal of making our workplace, and our world, a better place.

Leaders in Innovation

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Leaders in Innovation

Though we provide templates and customization services to firms big and small, we’re not just a service provider—we’re also innovators. From template add-ons for 3E Templates and DocuDraft to DatoliteBI and Rocket Proforma, our proprietary BI and paperless billing review solutions, both based on our deep experience in the industry, innovation is at the core of what we do.

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