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Over 300 years of combined experience in the legal and professional services industry.

Patrick Langlais 2

Patrick Langlais

Managing Partner

Campbell Barrett 2

Campbell Barrett

Managing Partner

Angy Beatty 2

Angy Beatty


Mark Brubacher

Mark Brubacher


Greg MacInnis 3

Greg MacInnis

Director, Sales & Business Development

Dick Jensen 2

Dick Jensen

Director, Product Sales North America

Pette Chappell 2

Pette Chappell

Co-Director, Template Services

Jordan Moore 2

Jordan Moore

Co-Director, Template Services

Sam Elrazek 1

Sam Elrazek

Director, Business Intelligence

Jim Lafferty 2

Jim Lafferty

Director, Paperless Billing Solutions

Jen Parker 2

Jen Parker

Admin & Marketing Manager

Matt Klem 2

Matt Klem

Innovation Manager