3E Templates… more than just templates.

Datolite Mail Room

The Datolite Mail Room is an all-in-one solution for consolidating and managing email messages generated by other applications. Originally designed as a replacement for the native email capabilities of a 3E Templates (3ET) solution, it has expanded beyond just a template email tool. The application can now be fed email content through a 3ET solution or REST-based API, displaying those emails from a UI. That same interface allows users to review, edit, finalize, and cancel any emails queued for delivery and even re-send messages as needed.

Datolite Appending Service

Are you overwhelmed with too many documents? Our Appender Service can consolidate individual files based on your firm’s requirements.

Datolite File Loader

This add-on lets you load and insert a file from the file system anywhere in an EDG or 3ET solution. Files can be set to any size to fit the format of your output document, and compatible files include images (PNG, BMP, etc.) and PDF documents. This tool can help load native 3E images without needing Image Connect and enhance 3E Template’s (Design Gallery’s) “Subdocument” functionality by allowing images and PDFs to be inserted into the output created by a template.

Datolite Image Connect

This tool enhances Image Connect’s functionality by allowing Image Connect files to be imported into the output of your 3E Templates (Design Gallery) solutions. It can help you include images anywhere in your output.

Datolite Chrome River Connector

This solution lets you easily import Chrome River files into your template output.

3E Templates Power-Up: Get More, Do More

Our innovative, custom solutions can help you work smarter. Other solutions include:

  • Payment Portal Integration (Wells Fargo)
  • Enhanced Proforma Processing
  • Group/Joint displayed as a single invoice
  • Custom email solutions
  • Custom workflow activities
  • Batch print confirmation solutions
  • Enhanced error handling
  • Custom reporting
  • 3E ready templates in Enterprise
  • Advanced image solutions
  • Smart e-billing solutions
  • Flexible multipayor solutions
  • Positive pay process automation
  • Custom 3E attachment logic