Proforma editing doesn’t have to be rocket science.

Speed up billing, automate data entry, and clearly understand where you stand with our proprietary solution, Rocket Proforma.

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Get rid of complicated software.

Rocket Proforma streamlines your billing process with automation and built-in transparency tools so you can spend less time on tedious tasks and more time making data-driven decisions.

User-Friendly for Everyone


Intuitive design means anyone on your team can use it, regardless of tech experience.

Word Editing Option

Edit in Word

Attorneys can edit proformas directly in Word using a familiar template output. Edits then sync with Datolite Rocket Proforma for seamless processing.

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Streamlined Editing

A bundled view of multiple proforma saves users time.  They can edit and submit them together with ease. This is particularly useful for IP practices.

Smarter Insights

Smarter Insights

Powerful reporting metrics give you a real-time view of your proforma, allowing you to easily identify bottlenecks and spot other trends to optimize your workflow.

Process Automation

Process Automation

Save time and cut down on costly errors.

Get rid of manual proforma workflows and the inefficiencies that come with them. Automatically send proformas to the necessary reviewers and collect edits for a seamless, error-free process.

User Configurable

User Configurable

Control what you and others see.

Provide the exact view that attorneys and billers need to see and nothing more with tailored views based on role or preference.

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Intelligent Workflow

Customized solutions for your needs.

Customized workflows take the guesswork out of approvals and ensure things don’t get stuck in the process.

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Preview edits in a familiar view.

Leverage your firm’s existing proforma or invoice templates to allow attorneys to preview edited proforma data in the format they’re most comfortable with.

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Stay in the loop on your terms.

Set up as many (or as few!) notifications as you need to ensure all users are kept informed and reminded of their role in the process so you can keep things moving along.

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Never question a change again.

All edits are captured for future reference to easily track who made what change and when.

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