Paperless Custom Solutions


Write-off routing
  • Proving tier-based thresholds for write-off amounts.
  • Have prebills be routed dynamically to approvers based on the Attorney’s Practice Groups, Location, or amount written off (for example)
Work with you to determine write-off requirements: fees, cost, or a hard and soft costs broken out.
Enforcing of business rules to provide data such as Reason Codes, Bill Dates.

Chosen Approvers and Thresholds are held in database which your firm can modify/maintain as needed.
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Additional Financial Data

Exception rates
Displays Matter and Client Exception Rates for the current matter.

Can show single payor or only instances where multiple payers are listed.

Split Billing Credit
Provide breakdown of Attorney billing credit for the current matter.

Year to Date/Inception to Date
Show the Year to Date/Inception to date values for matter.

Task/Activity Code Summary
Laying out value of the Timecards Grouped/Sorted by selected PTA2 codes.

Billing Notes
Pull in the Client/Matter level Billing Notes from 3E to display on proforma.

Invoice History
Display a listing of all invoices which have been issued for the current matter.

3E Metric as Section
We are able to leverage any existing 3E metric and create them as a custom section in Paperless Proforma. This will allow your firm to build out a data set that meets your needs within a 3E Metric, then surface that for timekeepers with Paperless.

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Proforma List Modifications

Surface additional data to list/Supplemental columns
Modify existing lists to include additional data from Enterprise/3E

Fully custom Lists
Create new lists for Billers or Attorneys.

Exporting of lists
Adding functionality to any list to enable exporting to Excel.

card selections

Transfer Matter Selection
Providing a method for Timekeepers to view a listing of open matters for the client or firmwide that can be transferred to

Bulk Actions
Pick and set Actions/Narratives/Comments against all currently showing or currently selected Timecards.

Enhanced Notifications

Email a Timecard
Have all the content related to chosen Timecard pulled into an email for ease of discussion with other users.

Email Digest
An email intended to notify users that there is work in their queue, which can be triggered at a cadence of the firm’s choosing. More information can be found¬†HERE

Overhauled base product email
Improving the base notofications to be more friendly for the user. Includes table of information and link to product.

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